Vicky Kaushal is known for being down-to-earth and humble in the film industry. Despite achieving significant success and recognition in a relatively short time, he has managed to maintain a grounded and modest demeanour. His kind smile while interacting with fans, or his ability to strike up a conversation with absolutely anybody, floods the internet every now and then. This time, ace fashion and beauty creator Aakriti Rana was at the receiving end of Vicky Kaushal’s humility.

Apart from being an established fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger with a significant following on various social media platforms, Aakriti Rana is also known for her captivating travel vlogs. She picks the most exquisite locations and visits every place like a traveller and not a tourist. Her travel vlogs are a delight for her followers who early wait for her next trip. 

This time, on one of her trips to the Maldives along with her best friend Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan, Aakriti Rana experienced a magical moment with none other than Vicky Kaushal, living the dream more than half of Indian women are dreaming of. Aakriti posted a video of her experience on Instagram and made the netizens go Aww. The video has 37.8K likes and is shared by more than 2k people within a few hours. 

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In the video, Aakriti Rana is seen mustering up the courage to speak to ‘somebody’ on the flight. It’s all fun and games until she discloses the person and the truth to be told, the moment she reveals its Vicky Kaushal, we feel a tinge of jealousy. After a little push from her best friend, she goes ahead to speak with the actor par excellence. However, she is asked to go back to her seat because of some turbulence. Dejected, she gets back to her seat until she is about to experience a core memory.

None other than Vicky Kaushal invites Aakriti Rana to meet him. He patiently clicks pictures with her. Going by the image Aakriti looks star-struck, and to be honest, who wouldn’t be?

One aspect of Vicky Kaushal that is evident in their interactions with Aakriti is his humility, where he is as polite, respectful, and appreciative towards others. He takes the time to engage with Aakriti. Not only now but often he is seen acknowledging the support of fans and expressing his gratitude frequently. 

Another adorable aspect of the video on Aakriti Rana’s Instagram is when the air host commented on the post. Harshiet replied to the post “Glad to help!!.. & btw the air host called you!! The air host comment was because Aakriti used Air Hostess instead of Air Host. Social media is truly a way to build a strong community and it is extremely heartwarming to see this. 

Aakriti Rana meets Vicky Kaushal

Other followers have commented many good things on the post. While most people congratulated Aakriti on her luck, many others recounted their similar experiences with Vicky Kaushal himself or other celebrities. One user has said she has watched the videos over 10 times and to say the least, we are “Obsessed” too.