Take a fast forward in fashion to introduce you to a versatile fashion blogger, stylist, YouTuber, and graphic designerAakriti Rana who makes videos about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty. She was attracted to the fashion world from a young age and decided to quit her job and start her venture early.

Aakriti Rana’s or as we like to address her ‘The Fashion Diva’s love drove her to become one of the leading fashion influencers in the country and is considered to be the most influential person when it comes to the Indian blogging world. An independent, confident, and beautiful lady has paved her way with her diverse talents.

She works with various designers, luxury brands, and international brands and has garnered more than 800K plus followers on her Instagram handle.

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Aakriti’s stunning style and editorial finesse have helped her earn her followers worldwide. Adding more feathers to her hat she won numerous titles in modeling work. She has been listed among the top 10 and top 5 fashion bloggers of India.

Aakriti has carved a niche for herself in the world of fashion blogging and has her YouTube channel by her name Aakriti Rana. She started her channel 5 years back and that consists of diverse topics starting from Diet Tips, Vlog Videos, and Quick DIY’S. She shared ’30 Facts About Me’ to give her followers get a close glance at her personal life.

Her enthusiastic approach and regular posting on Instagram have earned her multiple partnerships with many brands, making her one of the most successful influencers on social media. Whether it’s about the latest fashion trends, makeup quick tips and tricks, or sharing the first impression of cosmetics products on her profile.

Aakriti has a younger brother, Aditya Rana with whom she shares a very special bond. Her brother is also a content creator on Instagram working as a commercial pilot and has garnered 60K plus Instagram followers.

She doesn’t enjoy reading books a lot, but she feels immensely inspired by the book, The Secret. However, she is more of a tech person than a book reader, she likes to learn new things on software and she enjoys listening to contemporary music.

Aakriti is currently dating Rohan Gupta and their expertise just doesn’t end with the fashion, they also share massive goal-worthy travel-related content, these two have built a world of their own. They often surprise each other with trips and gifts. If you are looking for an adorable feed of couple-inspired pictures then their feed is the right destination.

Aakriti is going to get you fashion tips and we will keep you posted with the latest trends. Keep following the content.