Social media is truly a great means to bridge the gap between celebrities and us commoners. With every celebrity being on various social media platforms, their lives have become way more accessible to their fans. From what they eat to what they wear to where they go on a holiday to who they date, everything is an open book on the internet.

Recently, a Reddit user posted about how he got onto Raya, a dating app for celebrities. He then proceeded to drop profiles of some celebrities he found there. From Karan Johar to Shubman Gill to Sara Tendulkar, the Reddit user who goes by the name Vast-Communication40, ousted their Raya profiles on the social media platform. It created a lot of chatter online with people wanting more tea.

Raya dating app Reddit user posts profiles celebrities

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The Celeb Raya Profiles


He first dropped the Dharma CEO’s Raya. “Spotted my favorite KJ on Raya” he said. Karan Johar has his classic pout face on with some obnoxious-looking glasses and a sweatshirt that says ‘Papa Bear’. Ok that’s cute. The Reddit user further clarified that he is using the dating app for friends only and urged people to stop calling him gay.

spotted my favorite KJ on Raya, and of course, I liked his profile because why not? And please, I’m using it for friends only, so stop calling me gay
byu/Vast-Communication40 inBollyBlindsNGossip

Shubman Gill

The ace cricketer seems to be in top form on and off the field. The 24-year-old athlete has his GQ cover as the main picture on his Raya profile. The Reddit user divulged how he really wishes to know who exactly Shubman Gill is dating since he’s tired of the rumours. And tbh, even us.

Spotted shubman gill on raya, I really want to know whom exactly he is dating tired with all the rumours tbh. Also Karan if you’re watching this i’m sorry i posted about you but ily. And guys i am a male please stop sending those pics
byu/Vast-Communication40 inBollyBlindsNGossip

Sara Tendulkar

On Raya, there are celebrities, there are cricketers and there are daughters of cricketers. The Reddit user found Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar‘s profile as well. She has a beautiful cover picture donning a yellow lehenga. Sara’s profile says that she’s on the app “just for friends” and that she’s visiting New Delhi from Mumbai.

spotted Sara on Raya. Does this mean she isn’t dating Shubman anymore, or is she really using it just for friends?
byu/Vast-Communication40 inIndianBoysOnTinder

Karthik Aryan

There is Kartik Aaryan on Raya too. The 31-year-old actor seems to be trying his luck in love on the dating app. The actor looks sharp in his formal attire.

Spotted kartik on raya today,i thought he is still dating sara
byu/Vast-Communication40 inBollyBlindsNGossip

Anunay Sood

Not just Bollywood celebs, Raya has content creators and YouTubers too. The Reddit user posted Anunay Sood‘s Raya profile. He also shared some tea about him saying that he’s heard from some sources about Anunay being a big playboy who hooks up with girls wherever he travels.

spotted Anunay on Raya. Also, I have heard from some sources that he is a big playboy and hooks up with girls wherever he travels
byu/Vast-Communication40 inInstaCelebsGossip

RJ Abhinav

The Reddit user’s posted about RJ Abhinav being on Raya as well but his post was weirdly taken down. But it does mean that the content creator is on the platform. Someone commented on the post, “I thought he was dating hi sukriti” to which our tea-spilling Reddit user said “Well his profile says here just for friends so you never know“.

Raya dating app Reddit user posts profiles celebrities RJ Abhinav

Well, wasn’t that interesting to know? Reddit sure is a gold mine of content and well, our guilty pleasure, haha.