Urfi Javed is known as a television personality. She has acted in various Indian serials and had worked as an assistant fashion designer in Delhi previously. Currently, she has around 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Her content is mainly based on fashion, be it DIY or just styling. 

Let’s have a glance at Urfi’s 9 types of DIY Fashion Reels:

1. T-Shirt to Dress

No new dress? That’s not a problem at all! Urfi knows how to dazzle in a simple t-shirt by turning it into a hot dress.

2. The Chain Glam

Want to look glamorous with chains? Check out how she does it so prettily and easily!

3. Scarf Hack

Using a scarf by DIY has been mainstream now, but the actress still makes it look so fascinating. 

4. Tank Top Transformation

Woah! Can you even imagine cutting and transforming your tank top like this? That needs guts bro, and cleverness of course!

5. Denim Skirt to Corset Belt

Damn if it didn’t look easy-peasy to y’all? Fashionistas definitely need to try this out!

6. Bodysuit to Crop Top

If someone can slay this hack perfectly, that’s Urfi Javed! Now you can turn your bodysuit into a crop top quite easily. 

7. Saree to Two-Piece Set

Bored with sarees and want to try out something new? Go for Urfi’s DIY trick to transform a saree into a cute two-piece set!

8. Bed Sheet To Dress

Seriously, she has such talent that I can only marvel at her skills. How beautifully she turned an old bed sheet into a dress? Amazing right?

9. Hack for Straps

We often face issues while adjusting our straps of a strappy top. Isn’t that right? Urfi’s trick seems very helpful in this situation.

The actress surely knows how to spectacle everyone with her DIY tips. Her fashion sense is so amazing! Every reel makes me feel like I need to try this out. Don’t you all feel the same? It’s no use denying ‘cause I know your inner fashion goddess must be screaming to be let out by now. Ha-ha!