Instagram’s easy usage and features make it available for everyone. With the growing number of users, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and grab the audience’s attention. To step out from the monotonous Feed, Instagram for Business shared “8 tips for creating compelling Instagram feed posts.”

Instagram for Business states, “When you want to get people’s attention, small adjustments to photos and videos can make a big difference. Use these creative tips to explore different ideas for your posts and bring your brand to life. 🌟”

Let me highlight the eight ideas for your better understanding as mentioned by Instagram for Business:

1. Maintain Feed Cohesiveness

Use your brand colours and fonts to shape a captivating feed. Just pick a colour palette, use similar filters and establish your brand identity.

2. Find Your Focal Point

Utilise framing techniques to crop photos and direct people’s attention to the most important part of the image. Make sure to keep the background simple and click the image at an interesting angle.

3. Make Your Subject the Center of Attention

Adding depth and using vignette to darken the edges draws eyeballs to the focal point.

4. Try Unconventional Angles & New Perspectives

Arrange the objects at a proper angle and make use of the colour blocking technique to bring fresh inspiration to your feed.

5. Make Your Colours Pop

Pump up the saturation or tone down for a more subtle look. Also, play with settings and increase contrast for the colours to pop. 

6. Use Lux to Add Any Final Touches

Tap the magic wand at the top to lighten shadows, darken highlights, and increase contrast. You can also rebalance exposure.

7. Use Videos to Drive Deeper Engagement with Your Audience

Remember to always grab attention early while posting videos. Introduce your logo within the first three seconds so people can see your brand even if they don’t watch the entire video. Videos of short length are majorly preferred by the audience. Thus, keep it short. 

8. Write Concise Captions & Encourage People to Take Action

The captions that you display in your feed need to be simple and direct. It’s better for them to have a call to action like “Shop Now.” Most importantly, don’t forget to use proper hashtags.

Instagram Feed
Source: Sked Social

So, these were the eight creative tips that will ensure that your Instagram Feed stands out “in a sea of sameness” as mentioned by Instagram for Business