Travelling is a passion that awakens our lively spirit. Who doesn’t love travelling from one destination to another, enjoying various cuisines, and experiencing different places? Well, that sure sounds like a wish from the bucket list. Am I right or am I right? So, to freshen your minds we’ve curated a list of people for whom travel is their lifeline. Wanna know the cherry on the top? They all are travel couples whose Instagram profiles may have caught your imagination more than once. Yeah, I’m talking about the Insta famous ones!

Source: Two Drifters

Without any further ado, let’s take a peek at five popular travel couples that you should follow on Instagram if you haven’t yet.

1. Bruised Passports

Savi and Vid, the journalist-photographer duo, tell their travel journey through ‘bruisedpassports’, which has 710K followers on Instagram. As travellers, entrepreneurs, and TEDx Speakers they have been to 96 countries till now. The level of comfort and intimacy that this couple has makes their content more attractive. They also own a blog that showcases travel inspirations. From road trips to accommodations, everything is included in it. You can visit their site by tapping HERE!

2. Two Tickets to Freedom

College sweethearts Prachi and Harsh’s Instagram travel account ‘twoticketstofreedom’ consists of 102K followers. If you’re on the lookout for some great couple poses, then you should definitely have a look at their content. Apart from travelling and storytelling, they dabble in digital marketing. They also own an online business on Amazon, which sells must-have equipment for travelling. To check it out, tap HERE!

3. Two Much Together

Mona and Chintan, the ‘it’ couple, own ‘twomuchtogether’ which has 30.7K followers on Instagram. It’s full of the adorable couple’s travel moments which include food, visited places, intimate snaps, and so on. Also, they have a photography account too, ‘allaboutloveandlight’. What a lifestyle!

4. Living What We Lovee

Travel couple Pritika and Mudits’s Instagram account ‘livingwhatwelovee’ consists of 13.4K followers. Seeing their content will make you feel like you’re one with nature. It’s just that refreshing! The couple has such a happy-go-lucky aura that screams romance is in the air. Aside from travel and lifestyle, their content also focuses on health, fitness, and relationships.

Also, they own a sustainable homegrown handkerchief business, Rumaal. Another business is Aavya which sells handcrafted baby turbans, swaddles, and bibs. Apart from them, there’s Tidy Homz too, which sells laundry products, storage utilities, furniture, garden tools, kitchen utensils, and decor products. Last but not the least, the couple also operates a separate travel planner, 195 Holidays and their blog goes by the same name. Wanna check it out? Tap HERE!

5. Mad Over Exploring

Chai and Sunkist’s travel account ‘madoverexploring’ is all about adventures, stays, food, and travel hacks. It has 11.6K followers on Instagram and the couple has a YouTube account too. What they mostly explore is America and their blog is full of various places they have toured. Be travel smart by checking out their well-organised blog, ‘cause it also includes accommodation, transports, safety, and tech stuff. Just tap HERE to get directed to their page!

So, these were the five pretty popular travel couples who gave everyone the perfect travel inspo! Hope y’all enjoyed knowing about them! Keep the travel bug alive within you!