Bhavya Arora a.k.a ‘thatchubbygirlnextdoor’ advocates body positivity, and her belief is “Size doesn’t define my worth.” She encourages others to self-love through her content and is happy being herself even though she’s plus size. Our lovely chubby girl had been one of the finalists of Maven Ms. Plus Size 2019. She’s a ball of sunshine and spreads warmth towards everyone. 

Here are Bhavya’s 17 reels that encourage body positivity and self-love:

1. Being Confident 

It’s your choice to post whatever you want. There may be trolling and body shaming but never back down. Always do whatever you want and love to do.

2. Be You

Bhavya perfectly explains how society will always throw their judgment towards you, telling you what you should and should not. But in these infinite different voices, you need to find your voice and stop following what others tell you to do. You have to discover yourself and embrace it.

3. Busting Myths

If next time anyone tells you that a particular colour doesn’t suit you just because of your body shape and size, then prove them wrong, just as she did.

4. You’re Beautiful Just the Way You’re

It doesn’t matter if you’ve stretch marks, cellulite, back rolls, or double chin. You are beautiful in every form. Learn to accept yourself just the way you are.

5. Plus-Size Girls Can Wear Tube Tops

You can wear whatever you want. There isn’t any rule or dress code set according to your body type. Bhavya shows us how plus-size girls can look pretty in tube tops.

6. How to Love Yourself?

She is providing us with four tips on self-love. These are excellent for pampering and enjoying whatever you do.  

7. Dress for Yourself

Kicking off myths about wearing dresses as per body frame, Bhavya attempts the ‘Buss It’ challenge in her unique way.

8. Stretch Marks Are Normal

Yes, stretch marks are normal and it’s common among everyone. It’s not selective to certain people, and you shouldn’t be concerned about it. Don’t be ashamed and proudly show your skin wearing crop and sleeveless tops.

9. Size Doesn’t Matter

Netizens will claim a lot of things about your body size, and give hundreds of pieces of advice. But always be happy with yourself and love your body.

10. Beauty is Unlimited

Don’t limit your beauty and worth to weight, face, skin colour, etc. You don’t need anyone’s validation of your physical appearance. Measure your worth and be confident. 

11. Stop Body Shaming

If someone is making a joke out of you just because of your body, confront them. You don’t need to be ashamed, instead, you should bravely question them. Only with confidence and courage will you lead a positive life. 

12. Self-Acceptance is Healthy

Some people tend to misunderstand that accepting one’s body with fat or obesity is unhealthy. You can’t be more wrong. As Bhavya states, “Self acceptance means the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses, appraisal of one’s talents, capabilities, and general worth, and, feelings of satisfaction with one’s self despite deficiencies and regardless of past behaviors and choices.

13. Love Yourself

Always love yourself because there’s no reason not to. Remove any unpleasantness from your life that’s stopping you from accepting yourself. 

14. Spread Love Not Hate

There can be so much negativity but always remember your originality and intention. Be positive and tackle every hate comment coming your way. Don’t let such opinions consume your mind and always be determined. 

15. Respect Boundaries

It’s toxic and a matter of narrow-mindedness if you’re body shaming anyone. Whether it’s on the reel or real life, it’s very wrong to do so. You have no right to judge a person by his or her body shape and pass on hurtful comments, without even considering their sentiments. Remember they are human as much as you are. 

16. Feel Your Inner Beauty

You might not be the textbook definition of picture-perfect, but you are pretty. Your self-image can’t be deduced by anyone. Learn to absorb your inner beauty because that shows on your face. Don’t stop your inhibitions from having fun.  

17. Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

Feeling FOMO? Don’t. Stop criticising yourself and don’t let others invade your mental space to the point of breaking down. Walk the way of confidence and be your own cheerleader!

So, these were the lovely reels from our equally adorable girl, Bhavya. She not only busts myths about the body but promotes body positivity in such a fun way. I’m sure you all must be pretty hyped up with self-love and confidence after analysing her content. So, let’s encourage her more and help her reach more than 22.5K followers on Instagram. ‘Cause, she’s definitely worth it!