Zomato, a popular online food delivery platform, has introduced a new campaign called Zomato Breaking Bread. The campaign features a chat show series hosted by Deepinder Goyal, the Founder & CEO of Zomato. The show aims to shed light on the experiences and stories of successful restaurateurs. Filmed at the Zomato Headquarters and streaming on YouTube, each episode delves into different aspects of the restaurant business, exploring topics such as the challenges faced by restaurateurs, their entrepreneurial journeys, and innovative culinary trends.

The inaugural episode of the show which was released on YouTube yesterday, showcases Zorawar Kalra, the Managing Director of Massive Restaurants. Known for his notable establishments like Farzi Cafe, Louis Burger, and Pa Pa Ya, Zorawar Kalra shares his personal journey in the restaurant industry. As the son of the renowned restaurateur Jiggs Kalra and having previously hosted the popular TV show MasterChef India in its fifth season, Zorawar Kalra brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the conversation.

Zomato CEO hosts a YouTube show called Breaking Bread


Zorawar Kalra dreamt of being in the restaurant industry all his life. The glamour and the hardships were both welcomed by him because his decision to be in the restaurant business was fueled by his passion. Mr Kalra confessed during the show that, “when I was 12-13, I decided I am going to get into the restaurant business in some way, shape or form.” He recently started the Farzi Cafe in the USA because he sees his restaurants as a way of, “exporting our culture through our food.”

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During his conversation with Deepinder Goyal, Zorawar Kalra discusses his decision to expand his culinary ventures beyond traditional dining experiences. He explains how he ventured into the delivery segment by launching Louis Burger, a delivery-only kitchen, particularly during the challenging times of the pandemic. Zorawar Kalra expresses his appreciation for platforms like Zomato, emphasising their role in facilitating the growth and success of restaurants. He highlights the immense potential of partnering with Zomato, allowing him to establish multiple delivery kitchens with minimal investment and tap into new customer demographics.

In addition to Zorawar Kalra, Zomato Breaking Bread will feature other renowned restaurant promoters in upcoming episodes. These include Biryani by Kilo, famous for its freshly prepared handi biryanis delivered across numerous cities, Burgerama, a prominent burger chain specialising in made-for-delivery options, Bawarchi Restaurant, a beloved eatery in Hyderabad serving thousands of portions of biryani daily both online and offline, and Burger Factory, a well-established burger restaurant chain with locations in Goa.

Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato, believes that the success of Zomato is closely tied to the success of its restaurant partners. Through the Zomato Breaking Bread series, the platform aims to showcase the inspiring stories of these restaurateurs, providing aspiring individuals in the industry with valuable insights and motivation.

Speaking about the show, Deepinder Goyal said, “At Zomato, we believe that our success depends on the success of our restaurant partners. This series is our way of showcasing their incredible stories, which have the potential to inspire many new and aspiring restaurateurs.”

Overall, Zomato Breaking Bread will serve as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of restaurant entrepreneurs, share their journeys, and inspire the next generation of restaurateurs. Restaurants today are the backbone of our social lives fostering a connection. Additionally, food is the only way to transport oneself to an absolutely different part of the world without really travelling to the world. When restaurants have offered us such diverse experiences and have strengthened our social life, it is important to hear the stories of their origin and boom.

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