In a surprising move, Nithin Kamath, the CEO of Zerodha, recently took to Instagram to share an old video showcasing a prank he orchestrated over a decade ago. The prank involved planning a fake police raid at the company’s Bengaluru office, causing a stir among employees. Despite the incident occurring years ago, the video has gained viral attention on social media.

Zerodha CEO shares a Prank video that goes viral

The Prank

Kamath provided a glimpse into the elaborate planning of the prank through the shared video. The CEO identified the target office, installed hidden cameras for recording, and even hired three individuals to play the roles of fake policemen. In a bid to add authenticity, a fake document was created to make the scenario more convincing.

Employee Reactions

As the staged police raid unfolded in the office, employees were visibly perplexed, attempting to comprehend the unexpected turn of events. Throughout the video, some individuals questioned the legitimacy of the raid, adding an element of realism to the prank. Toward the end of the clip, Kamath revealed the truth, surprising and likely relieving the employees who had fallen victim to the elaborate ruse.

Nostalgic Reflection

Nithin Kamath shared the video with a caption indicating that the prank occurred more than a decade ago, adding a nostalgic touch to the revelation. The post on Instagram, dated January 28, quickly gained traction, amassing over two lakh views, 15,000 likes, and numerous comments from intrigued viewers.

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Public Reaction

Viewers expressed a range of reactions to the prank video. Some praised it as a “great prank,” while others labeled the Zerodha team as “crazy.” A notable comment highlighted the prank as the “best live case study,” emphasising its potential as a team-building activity, putting individuals in a pressure situation and observing their reactions.

Zerodha CEO shares a Prank video that goes viral with people reacting hilariously

The throwback prank orchestrated by Nithin Kamath sheds light on the lighter side of corporate culture, showcasing a unique approach to team-building and stress testing. As the video continues to circulate on social media, it has sparked discussions on the dynamics of such pranks in a professional setting, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed the unexpected fake police raid at Zerodha’s Bengaluru office over a decade ago.