Yuvaa is an innovative Indian youth media platform that strives to create a positive and empowering space for young individuals, especially Gen Z. It addresses a wide range of topics, including mental health, career guidance, relationships, social issues, and personal development, that impact the youth of the country. As a change-maker, Yuvaa organises many events to celebrate the world around us. Pride Class of 2023 is yet another initiative by Yuvaa to recognise Gen Z queer individuals who are making a difference in society. Let us reiterate the fun event and know the whos and whats and whens of it.

What is Yuvaa?

Yuvaa is a media company that aims to bring about a change in society and make the world a better place. With its focus on Gen Z, it uses social media as a tool to reach out to its desired audience. The platform offers a diverse range of content formats, including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive features, catering to different learning preferences and interests. Yuvaa’s content is carefully curated to provide valuable insights, practical advice, and relatable stories that resonate with young people.

Yuvaa’s Pride Class 

Yuvaa’s Pride Class refers to a special recognition or celebration of Gen Z queer creators, artists and activists,  who have achieved notable accomplishments or made a significant impact. It is a recognition or a graduation ceremony of a class, a group of contributors, or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent, leadership, or dedication. 

Pride Class of 2023

What: The Pride Class of 2023 is the second edition run by Yuvaa to celebrate young queer individuals who have harnessed their talents, passion, and determination. It is a community event to recognise and amplify the voices of the future.

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When & Where: Pride Class of 2023 was held on 27th June 2023 as a part of the Pride Month celebrations. It was celebrated at antiSocial at Lower Parel in Mumbai to honour the work of 10 Gen Z queer individuals who are breaking baseless society rules, headfirst.

Who: The Pride Class of 2023 was one of the most impactful events of the year as many notable figures from the community graced the event. While the multi-talented drag artist, model, actor and singer, Sushant Divgikar aka Rani KoHenur not only attended the event but also felicitated the graduates of the Pride Class of 2023. Famous poet and storyteller, Swastika Rajput gave the commencement speech to kick off the event. Alongside, YouTube Shorts was the content partner for the event and Sweekar Group was the community partner.

Apart from these dignitaries, the stars of the show were 10 Gen Zs who were felicitated for their exceptional courage to stare and fight any obstacle in their face. 

Edythe (he/they)

A Lucknow-based trans-queer filmmaker, writer, and poet who directed and co-wrote an anthology called ‘Change For The Line’ (2022), which explored love, queerness, and identity in the city of Delhi. 

Parth Pawar (they/them)

A Dalit non-binary person, who is an illustrator, art director and NFT artist. They use their work to amplify their Dalit and Queer identity. They are also the co-founder and art director of The Phosphene Magazine.

Mx. Siaan (he/they)

Siaan is a non-binary drag king artist, model and performer. With their work, they like to explore the nuances of performance art relating to gender and sexuality.

Yuvaa Pride Class of 2023

Srishti Pandey (she/her)

Srishti has been a pioneer in educating the intersectionality of Queerness and disability. Her resilience in making people be aware of her ableism instead of her disability is tremendous. 

Yuvaa Pride Class of 2023

Vinnie Gollar (She/They)

Vinnie is a non-binary Adivasi transwoman dedicated to creating a more inclusive and accepting society for all individuals. They have experience working for a youth support group “Yaariyan” as a core member the last three years.

Mohul Sharma (he/him)

Mohul hails from Delhi and identifies as an out and proud transman. He works towards sensitizing people about trans inclusion and more specifically the transmen community. 

Skye (they/them)

Skye is an artist and digital creator. They strongly advocate for mental health and self-love, especially against the homophobic climate around the globe. Additionally, Skye showcases immense creative talent through their work.

Arhaan (they/them)

Arhaan is a queer student activist at Delhi University. They work for the oppressed sections in the country and especially at universities. They believe in solidarity and the power it holds.

Arzoo Naqvi (any all)

Arzoo is an illustrator and 2D animator reimagining classic Bollywood tales. Arzoo creates home decor, puzzles and books to spread joy and share smiles. 

Sunil Bormahela(he/him)

Sunil is a voguing dancer and choreographer who exudes confidence with his every move. The rhythmic performer knows to capture the crowd and deliver a performance like no other. 

Yuvaa is doing a tremendous job of empowering and educating the youth. Its commitment to providing a platform for open discussions, valuable content, and resources on various topics is commendable. Yuvaa’s efforts to break the stigma surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community are particularly noteworthy. By fostering a supportive community and applauding the achievements, Yuvaa is making a positive impact on the lives of young queer individuals.