YouTube has always been a platform that constantly evolves and adapts to the changing needs and preferences of its creators and viewers. In its latest update, YouTube is introducing a new feature called #ShortsFriends, aimed at growing the Shorts community and fostering deeper connections among creators.

With the ability to create and share videos in a vertical format of up to 60 seconds, Shorts has become a go-to platform for creators looking to engage with their audience quickly and entertainingly. Now, YouTube is taking it a step further by encouraging creators to collaborate and build a strong community around Shorts.

Want to join the Shorts Community? Well, there’s a referral program available through July for the opportunity to become part of our Shorts Community with #ShortsFriends!

YouTube #ShortsFriends

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The introduction of #ShortsFriends brings several benefits to both creators and viewers. For creators, it opens up new opportunities for collaboration, cross-promotion, and community building. It enables them to tap into the collective creativity of the Shorts community and expand their reach by collaborating with like-minded creators.

From a viewer’s perspective, this enhances the discovery experience and offers a more personalized content feed. By following their favorite creators and exploring the collaborations tagged in Shorts videos, viewers can delve deeper into the content they love and discover new creators who share similar interests and styles.

This creates a more engaging and interconnected viewing experience, where viewers can seamlessly transition from one creator’s Shorts to another, all while being exposed to a diverse range of content.

How to participate in YouTube #ShortsFriends:

  1. Upload YouTube Shorts with #ShortsFriends
  2. Submit your interest to join the Shorts Community here.
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In conclusion, the launch of #ShortsFriends is an exciting development for the YouTube Shorts community. It not only encourages collaboration and community building among creators but also enhances the viewing experience for audiences.

You can apply here to become part of YouTube’s Shorts Creator Community program. So, get ready to explore the world of Shorts and join the #ShortsFriends community for an exciting journey of creativity and collaboration on YouTube!