According to Creator Insider, YouTube is now providing reactions within live streams to all eligible creators after experimenting with the feature over the past few months. This will give viewers another method to interact with live-stream content and emphasize key moments in the playback.

The technique is an extension of YouTube’s “Timed Reactions” feature, which was introduced in March of last year. Users can mark a specific frame in the video playback with an emoji, which other viewers can subsequently see, using Timed Reactions.

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As per YouTube: “Viewers on iOS can now react to live streams in real-time by tapping the reaction that corresponds to how they are feeling. Both creators and other viewers will see the reactions but they will not be able to see which user left which reaction as reactions are anonymous.”

This could help in improving the engagement with the uploader’s replays and emphasizing the best parts and giving them more information about what the viewers are most interested in, depending on their responses.

According to YouTube, reactions are set on by default for all channels that are qualified for live streaming, but creators can disable them for any particular stream.

Timed Reactions

Also, YouTube is testing a new analytics card that displays the most popular formats watched on other channels, split down into videos, shorts, and live content.

The new card, as you can see in the image given below, is quite simple, as it will give users more information on what is effective for other channels, which you can be used for future posting planning.

The users might be inspired to try out Shorts or go live after that and this can be another method to improve users’ YouTube performance and have an added understanding of how other channels are influencing audience response.

By updating this live control panel, YouTube claims it will give users more control over the placement of ads during live streaming. These can be some additional factors to take into account while developing a YouTube strategy.