YouTube wanted to recognize some of the Shorts creators who have been producing material that emphasizes the beauty of the world and the significance of protecting it in honor of Earth Month.
It is crucial to honor people who are contributing to a more sustainable future as we observe Earth Month.

Some creators have adopted a more pedagogical stance, offering advice on how to cut back on waste or save energy. In order to have a beneficial impact on the environment, viewers can utilize the advice provided in these videos in their everyday lives. Creators from all walks of life are joining together to celebrate Earth Month and bring attention to the problems our planet is facing, from environmentalists to entrepreneurs to fashion designers who are concerned with sustainability.


The creator of Going Zero Waste, Kathryn Kellogg, is committed to assisting others in leading healthier and more environmentally friendly lives. She is the National Geographic spokeswoman for plastic-free living and the author of “101 Ways to Go Zero Waste,” which simplifies eco-friendly, sustainable living into a simple, step-by-step procedure with loads of love and enthusiasm.

As YouTube Shorts are a fantastic way to visually demonstrate so many everyday sustainability practices, she started producing short-form video content in 2020 and has since loved producing them. Scraptastic, a short-form series in which she turns leftover food into delectable recipes, is one of her favorites.


Fashion designer Gunnar Deatherage is dedicated to sustainability. His Shorts give advice on lowering waste in the fashion business and promoting sustainable fashion.

 Gunnar Deatherage

He enjoys repurposing secondhand, found, and inexpensive materials into gorgeous runway-ready clothing! He has been able to share experiences and teach his growing community about sewing thanks to his platform!


Miaira Jennings produces video shorts that emphasize sustainable fashion design and her love of giving used products a second chance. She produces amusing and inspirational fashion makeovers, thrift store makeovers, and DIY lessons, and she has developed an online following of people who are equally passionate about unique, sustainable fashion.

Miaira has received over 10 million views since she started regularly posting YouTube Shorts, and she has been featured in Essence, Environment by Impact, and Marie Claire. Additionally, she was a featured designer for the YouTube Shorts #ReMakeTheRunway Fashion Week Campaign, which highlighted designers of environmentally friendly clothing.


Shorts from vegan foodie Turnip Vegan provide mouthwatering plant-based recipes and advice on minimizing food waste. With his writing, he hopes to motivate readers to adopt a plant-based diet in order to live healthier and more sustainably in the future. He is a creator to watch because of his dedication to promoting plant-based living and his love for environmental preservation.

 Turnip Vegan

He has been educating people about how simple and delectable it is to include plant-based meals into their lives through his YouTube channel and social media presence. Additionally highlighting the advantages of home mushroom cultivation, he highlights the significance of sustainability and environmental awareness.


A committed advocate for environmental preservation, sustainability, climate justice, and low-impact living is Living Planet Friendly. Her objectives are to raise awareness of climate catastrophe and its solutions, encourage others to consider how their actions affect the environment, fight for the preservation of our beautiful world, and promote zero-waste and low-waste practices.

She first began to understand in high school how seemingly insignificant things like rubbish on the streets had an impact on bigger problems like global warming. She started learning about climate change and taking active steps to lessen her environmental effect.

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Christine Lan is a sustainability innovator who finds creative solutions to cut waste and protect the environment. She produces a lot of her own makeup and develops meals from leftover food.

There is no denying Christine’s love of all things environmentally friendly. She is a prominent sustainable influencer in addition to being the founder of Olona Earth, a green company that makes natural and eco-friendly beauty products. Christine founded the influencer company Eco-Amical with the goal of disseminating sustainable living advice.

Her YouTube channel promotes a healthy, natural, and waste-free way of living while showing viewers how to make their own natural makeup. Since Christine is Canadian Sino-Mauritian, her videos also draw heavily on her diverse heritage. As a result, her viewers gain access to her top-secret health tips.


Through the creation of indoor gardens and plant care, Vionna, a plant stylist based in New York City, hopes to re-establish a connection between people and nature. She is adamant that creating the ideal urban environment is essential to enhancing our quality of life and has more than five years of professional experience in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and construction management.

The lifestyle and gardening material of Feline Jungle promote the use of sustainably produced and grown plants, which lessens the industry’s negative environmental effects. Reducing waste and adding a distinctive touch to home decor are achieved by upcycling and recycling unwanted things into planters or other plant-related decors. Making terrariums or macrame plant hangers can help promote sustainability by removing the need to buy additional plant-related products.


Alli Cherry is a supporter of sustainability and a wildlife enthusiast. Her videos offer advice on how to live sustainably and with less waste while showcasing the beauty of nature. She is an ethical fashion enthusiast who is based in Southern California and is passionate about sustainability that is doable.

Living gently with oneself, the world, and others has been the unifying theme of all of her creative endeavors. Everything she does revolves around what is sustainable for her and the environment, whether it is cutting back on her waste while traveling, living a minimalist lifestyle at home, eating only plants, or doing easy DIYs.


Ashley is a Canadian soil scientist who has been fascinated by plants since she was a young child. She first discovered her affinity for greens while gardening with her grandma over the summers when she was a child. She earned a bachelor’s degree in science with a focus on soil science from the University of Saskatchewan.


Ashley’s YouTube channel is dedicated to bringing science to gardening in a way that is both educational and beneficial to those who are just starting out. She also discusses the value of owning a garden and the fun of indoor gardening. In her spare time, Ashley continues to research plants with the goal of reaching more aspiring gardeners through the growth of her YouTube channel.


Kiana Bonollo creates fashion and sewing-related content full-time. Despite not starting to produce content until 2020, she quickly grew a following thanks to her passion for imparting her sewing expertise and experience. She has since added DIY nails, beauty, and fashion styling to her repertoire of topics. “Get ready with me” styling films are one of her favorite sorts of videos to make.

She has a bachelor’s degree in fashion and textile design as well as a minor in entrepreneurship from North Carolina State University. She has turned some thrift store finds into works of art, like the disco ball she created out of a tissue container!

Shorts Creators

They got featured on billboards in SoFi Stadium from April 27 to April 30!

These 10 YouTube Shorts creators are contributing to the cause of sustainability and encouraging people to take action. Their passion for the environment is very motivating, and their Shorts provide helpful advice and original ideas for leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. Let’s be motivated by these creators as we continue to honor Earth Month and do our part to safeguard the environment.