YouTube is introducing a new experiment that will allow select creators to identify and tag the products for users to further purchase within their Shorts clips as yet another monetization option.

As the competition for creative talent in the industry heats up, that might offer a crucial lifeline for Shorts makers and another crucial factor working in YouTube’s favor.

As per Financial Times:

“YouTube is currently piloting its ‘affiliate marketing’ scheme – paying commission to creators that sell products – with a select number of US-based creators. YouTube, the merchant, and the creator all take an undisclosed cut of the sale.”

YouTube expands music options for shorts
Image source: Social Media Today

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Direct monetization is tough with short-form videos because pre- and mid-roll advertising can’t be easily inserted like they can with lengthier content.

A new advertising program that would see commercials shown in-between Shorts and divide all cash generated with creators based on Short’s performance has already been announced by YouTube.

However, direct commercialization through product listings may be a more fruitful and straightforward way to distribute income to producers in the app, which may make Shorts a more alluring choice for individuals wishing to monetize their films.

Uncertain whether YouTube’s new product tags will resemble this, but as mentioned, it’s another step in the company’s development of improved monetization options for in-app short-form artists.

Additionally, YouTube now allows makers of Shorts to use songs that are longer than 15 seconds in their Shorts videos. This will increase the app’s ability to employ music, promote music and encourage new creative trends.

According to YouTube, viewers will start receiving the new, longer music clips option.