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According to the new YouTube announcement, more users will be able to use the “Go Live Together” option starting next week, giving users additional creative options for their live streams on the app.

Go Live Together was first tested by YouTube in March with a small group of producers, and the company is now trying to advance the feature.

Go Live Together offers new engagement and interaction opportunities during a YouTube live broadcast by allowing you to ask another YouTube user to join your stream.

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In addition to facilitating Q&A sessions and other possibilities that will increase interaction among their YouTube community, this could present new potential for businesses to host live interviews or internal spotlight sessions on their YouTube channel.

As you can see in this sequence, the video is then shown on a vertical split-screen. One guest can participate in the broadcast at a time, however, hosts will be allowed to switch up the guests on their live stream.

The guest channel and user information will be hidden throughout the stream, and the host will be able to vet guests before they go live.

live-stream guest feature
Image Source: Social media today

On Go Live Together streaming, YouTube will now permit pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements that will be credited to the broadcast’s host channel.

The roll-out will start next week, YouTube says, and will eventually allow all channels with at least 50 subscribers to start Live Together feeds.

However, YouTube warns that it might take a few weeks for all users to have access to it.