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According to the Snapchat newsroom, Snapchat has a new partnership with Amazon and is adding another arrow to its in-stream commerce.

The app will now allow users to virtually try on thousands of the best-selling eyewear models from Amazon as Snap Lenses.

The “Amazon Fashion” profile in the app will now offer users various virtual try-on options for eyeglasses, basically serving as a complementary channel for online purchases via Amazon, as you can see in this example.

Customers can browse, shop, and virtually try on tens of thousands of eyewear designs right inside the app, according to Snap, and then “seamlessly purchase on the Amazon Fashion store.”

Snapchat partners with Amazon

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Retailers can now connect their augmented reality (AR) products to Snap as well, allowing them to expand their reach.

The method works in partnership with Amazon’s recently announced augmented reality try-on display choices for glasses in its app.

As explained by Snap:  “The new Snapchat try-on Lenses feature thousands of Amazon’s popular eyewear products, enabling Amazon brands to leverage their Amazon AR assets and showcase styles in a fun, interactive experience to millions of Snapchatters.”

Retailers are now able to couple their AR creations across to Snap as well, to optimize reach. The technique works in tandem with Amazon’s recently announced AR try-on display choices for glasses in its app.

One of the main uses for augmented reality (AR) is to serve as an additional channel for trying out products before making an online purchase. The drawback of internet shopping is that customers are unable to physically touch and feel the product.

Snap will continue to introduce additional AR shopping upgrades along these lines as the technology develops. Snapchat is already working on more sophisticated AR models to offer more options for product presentation and improved virtual experiences.

Within the anticipated metaverse transition, this might represent a significant opportunity both in the near term and over the long run.