According to the Official YouTube Blog, YouTube is looking forward to helping creators avoid unwanted interactions and attention in the app, with the launch of a new Creator Safety Center platform, which includes key links, tips, advice, and notes on various related elements.

Ensuring creators are safe on YouTube

Over the past few years, YouTube has spent time talking with historically underrepresented creators about safety, and one of their key concerns was the rise in comments they saw across social platforms that were hurtful and even hateful.

Community Guidelines were introduced as an update that would make it possible to easily hide comments that are offensive. In response to earlier feedback, the team continued to invest in system improvements while also launching new features designed to help creators more easily moderate their comments.

Creator Safety Center

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Here’s a look at some of YouTube’s important progress.

  • Creators have a new, “Increase Strictness” in their comment settings. The comments would be held for review in YouTube Studio, where creators can choose to approve, remove or report them.
  • Comments that may be considered more hurtful than others would be placed in a separate, hidden section at the bottom of the held for review tab.
  • YouTube has rolled out Channel Guidelines, which allows creators to clearly communicate what is and is not ok in their comments section.

The new Creator Safety Center includes pointers on how to manage such problems, in alignment with channel growth, and how to combat bullying, trolling, account hijacking, and more.

Over the next few weeks, YouTube’s going to share more insights into how it’s assisting these communities, and the tools and processes it’s building to maximize the potential for all users.

In addition to these updates, over the past few months, YouTube has also worked deeply to understand how they can offer more support to creators when they experience unwanted behavior.

So in collaboration with creators and third-party experts like ConnectSafelyThe Family Online Safety Institute, and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, youtube has collected in-depth information and tips on topics like how to stay safe when starting out as a new creator, what to do as your channels are growing and how to navigate experiencing things like bullying, trolling, account hijacking and more.

Creators can now access all this information in YouTube’s Creator Safety Center, which is launching today.