No viral moment misses the eyes and ears of content creator and music producer Yashraj Mukhate. So when a young girl named Shravani Sharma posted a hilarious yet adorable video that went viral, Yashraj immediately got to work. Doing what he does best, he made a remix taking Shravani’s audio, and video, with samples of Vishal Dadlani and Mohan Kannan’s voices.

Here’s her original reel where she’s seen smiling over the fact that it was “Sunday” and “her mom will cook Rajma Chawal today.”

And here’s Yashraj’s remix reel, that too, went viral in no time:

Yashraj also kept his voice and layered it with AI-generated voice, creating a fun melody. “So the other day, I saw this video by Shravani. And I realised it’s such a nice hook for a song, so I added a beat to it,” he said in the video. The video garnered millions of views including countless reactions.

The Reactions

Mohan Kannan himself commented on the video, “Arre arre arre who thinks like this. And of course now I want to eat rajma chawal.Vishal Dadlani also wrote, “Wait!? Me!?? 1. I’m thrilled to be part of one of your mental songs. 😂 And it IS a good hook! 2. I don’t really hear me anywhere, but chalega!” A user wrote, “Another girl getting famous because of legendary Yashraj Bhai. keep making this cute people famous they deserve it.

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Yashraj Meets Shravani Ft. Milton

From picking Shravani’s video and remixing it to featuring in an ad with her, Yashraj is taking the Internet by storm. With June here, most children and teenagers are preparing to return to school, Milton has created a new campaign called “Milton liya kya?” to promote their products. “Turning Milton bottles & lunchboxes into jukeboxes!” Yashraj wrote, posting the ad on his Instagram. This was his second collaboration with Shravani.

Yashraj Mukhate Shravani Sharma music producer content creator remis Milton Homewares ad collaboration viral reel

The ad opens with Shravani and her mother in a store, with the young girl expressing her reluctance to go back to school without a Milton bottle. Overhearing them from the background, Yashraj jumps in to turn it into a catchy rap and dance, promoting Milton’s various unique features in the process. Shravani joins in and ultimately succeeds in getting her Milton bottle. At the end of the video, the quirky young girl quips, “Aur kitne din mere dialogues se gaana banaoge?” to Yashraj.

Yashraj and Shravani’s collaboration with Milton has received over 1.7 million views on Instagram till date. Their friends and social media followers also expressed delight in the new initiative. “Legend,” Tanmay Bhatt complimented. “Creativity is on point,” wrote a user. “Amazing Track,” said another. A mother commented, “Thanks. Now each and every brain cell is singing …’mummmmmmy….. Milton liya kyaaa….’ Fun fact: I am the mummy and Maine bhi Milton le liya😂😂😂😂

How cool was that, right? A collaboration we didn’t know we needed!