The United Nations(UN) declared May 3, as the ‘World Press Freedom Day’ (or World Press Day) to raise importance about the freedom of the press and to remind the governments worldwide for upholding the right to freedom of expression as per Article 19 of the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was declared in the year 1948.

Each World Press Day revolves around a certain theme. The same for the year 2021 is: INFORMATION AS A PUBLIC GOOD

The theme for 2021 is a synonymic resonance to the right to information where each individual is entitled to receive information from a public authority, without discrimination. Furthermore, it even highlights the importance of prevailing verified and dependable information sources.

According to UNESCO:

“…the historic connection made between the freedom to seek, impart and receive information and the public good remains as relevant as it was at the time of its signing…”

The World Press Freedom Day 2021 will highlight three key topics:

  • Steps to ensure the economic viability of news media;
  • Mechanisms for ensuring transparency of Internet companies;
  • Enhanced Media and Information Literacy (MIL) capacities that enable people to recognize and value, as well as defend and demand, journalism as a vital part of information as a public good.

Due to the challenges put forth by the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic the conference for this year is hosted by UNESCO and the Government of Namibia and will observe a fusion of virtual and in-presence participation.