28th May 2024: Robin Hood Army, a volunteer-led organisation dedicated to addressing food insecurity, partnered with leading content marketing company Dot Media to put together a successful initiative focused on hunger relief and social change across India on World Hunger Day. 

The 100 Creators Challenge has brought up a new initiative where the Robin Hood Army (RHA) has leveraged the power of creators like Vasu Kainth, Khushi Kushal, Vishakha Divesh, Vansh Pandya and many more to create awareness. This collaborative effort by Dot Media and RHA is a project that aims to create a tangible impact for underprivileged populations by connecting influencers and creators to humanitarian action. Every weekend, Dot Media sends its creators to Robin Hood Army’s drives across India, where content creators serve food to those who need it most like rickshaw pullers, construction workers and children. These creators aim to reinforce the campaign message by participating in hands-on activities and strategically using social media to reach a larger audience and inspire others to get involved. 

World Hunger Day Robin Hood Army Dot Media

Shubham Singhal, co-founder of Dot Media expressed his excitement about the collaboration and said, “We are honoured to join Robin Hood Army in their mission to end hunger. Our alliance aims to use digital influence to achieve meaningful change in communities throughout India.” 

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Aarushi Batra, co-founder of the Robin Hood Army emphasised the importance of joint action in solving social problems. “Our work with Dot Media demonstrates the power of unity in the fight against hunger. We want citizens to feel the responsibility to serve their communities.  I am sure together, we can help make a big difference in the lives of those in need.” 

World Hunger Day Dot Media Robin Hood Army

This initiative not only invites individuals and organisations to unite in their mission to combat hunger and inequality. By joining forces, they aim to contribute to creating a more equitable and compassionate future for everyone around us together.

About the Company

Robin Hood Army is an all-volunteer, zero-budget organisation that uses surplus foods from restaurants and communities to help those less fortunate. Their grassroots efforts are fueled by the volunteers called Robins across 400+ cities in the world. The Robins are friends, colleagues who want to make a difference in their communities. The goal of the organisation is simple but profound: to end world poverty and inspire humanity through food. Through collaborative and community-led activities, They have served over 100 Million meals since their inception in 2014

Dot Media, on the other hand, is a unique content creation marketing organisation that started small in Kanpur, India. With over 200 content creators, over 250 independent clients and dedicated professionals, Dot Media specialises in creating engaging content and impactful graphics using digital tools, artistic prowess and innovative ideas. Their visionaries Shubham Singhal, Vaibhav Pathak and Om Singh founded successful IP companies like TGB Troop, Dot Talents, Dot Studios, Dot Public Relations and FinTroop, all promoting a dynamic digital universe that explores the challenges of content creators. 

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