Ankush Bahuguna on his YouTube channel recently uploaded a makeup video ft. Tanika. And, we’re here to talk about the same. Ankush, Tanika and his mom were shooting a video for Netflix and hence, he decided to do Tanika’s makeup. He chose metallic green eyes with a subtle pink lip as her glam yet simple look. How did it go and what’s the final look? Let us see, shall we? Here’s Wing it With Ankush’s new makeup video ft. Tanika!

From describing the colour as “fresh gobar” to Kusha Kapila throwing her out of the Clubhouse room, this video entails a lot of fun along with steps to recreate this look. It also does a call back to when Prajakta Koli had dropped Ankush’s pigment when Tanika tries to catch a hold of it. The highlight of the video for me is that Ankush did not cut out scenes when he found the green colour to look better than what he had previously decided. It highlights how he is experimenting with different looks and his honesty with the makeup artist journey. The beautiful equation between the two of them is transparent through the video. Watch right away to see for yourself by tapping on this video!

I loved the final look and the fact that it was so much fun to watch. I love the friendship these two share. I hope you liked the video just as much if not more. And until my pen writes more for you, try to recreate this look by following the steps. Do not forget to tag him while you do as his caption reads for the video. And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article article featuring Ankush Bahuguna that you should check out by tapping HERE right away!