In the ever-evolving vistas of digital communication and social interaction, ShareChat, India’s prominent language-first video platform, has taken a bold step towards transforming brand engagement through its innovative feature, WhatsApp Branded Shares. This groundbreaking initiative leverages the ubiquitous messaging platform WhatsApp to establish a direct connection between brands and their target audiences, spearheading a new era of marketing strategy.

WhatsApp Branded Shares Through ShareChat


The WhatsApp Phenomenon

WhatsApp, a messaging application owned by Meta, has established itself as a non-negotiable part of daily communication for approximately 487 million Indians. The platform not only facilitates conversations but also allows for sharing content, very similar to traditional social media platforms. This includes using WhatsApp stories to broadcast moments, ideas, and interests, allowing users to stay connected and engaged with their contacts.

WhatsApp Branded Share by ShareChat


ShareChat’s Ingenious Move

Recognising the potential of WhatsApp’s far-reaching influence, ShareChat introduced the “one-click WhatsApp share” feature, enabling users to seamlessly share content hosted on their platform. Gaurav Jain, business head, notes that this feature has evolved into a fundamental action among ShareChat users. This involves the sharing of diverse content types, such as videos, GIFs, and quotes, with their WhatsApp contacts either directly or through stories.

Moj and ShareChat allow WhatsApp Branded shares


The impact of this feature extends beyond mere content sharing, with users discovering the app through the distinctive logo displayed on WhatsApp statuses and group chats. This natural integration of the two platforms underscores the power of seamless cross-platform interactions.

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From Behaviour to Strategy

ShareChat’s brilliant business team recognised an opportunity to transcend this user behaviour into a strategic marketing approach. The concept was simple yet profound. Brands could harness the content shared on WhatsApp to engage with their target audiences directly. This seed of an idea blossomed into WhatsApp Branded Shares, introduced in April 2023 during a limited Beta phase. This initial stage involved collaborating with a few selected brand advertisers to test the efficacy of the concept.

ShareChat strategises with WhatsApp Branded Shares


After four months of meticulous testing, ShareChat’s WhatsApp Branded Shares were poised for a full-scale launch on August 15th. This strategic timing coincides with India’s Independence Day, a period characterised by heightened content sharing and heightened enthusiasm.

Empowering Brands with Personalised Engagement

ShareChat’s WhatsApp Branded Shares initiative represents a paradigm shift in brand engagement. Advertisers can now tap into WhatsApp’s vast user base to reach their target audience nationwide. This integration seamlessly places brand content before or after shared content, using formats such as GIF banners, videos, and static images. Pre-roll and post-roll video ads, ranging from five to twenty seconds, respectively, offer engaging formats to capture users’ attention.

Engagement with WhatsApp BrandedShares by ShareChat


Gaurav Jain enthusiastically labels this initiative as a pivotal moment, not only for ShareChat but for publishers globally. Users of ShareChat become brand ambassadors, facilitating a direct and meaningful connection between brands and their audiences.

The Versatility of WhatsApp Branded Shares

The scope of WhatsApp Branded Shares extends beyond geographical boundaries. ShareChat aims to execute hyperlocal campaigns, engaging with specific regions and communities. For instance, discussions are underway with a popular agarbatti company to utilise branded shares for users exclusively in Karnataka, exemplifying the concept’s hyperlocal potential.

ShareChat endorsed Agarbatti on WhatsApp Branded Shares


However, the grand vision extends nationwide. For an upcoming event like the Asia Cup, ShareChat envisions targeting users across the country. Recipients of ShareChat content on WhatsApp might encounter a post-roll video advertisement from a gaming company, prompting them to download the app.

Shaping the Future of Brand Engagement

The launch of the WhatsApp Branded Share product marks a significant milestone. ShareChat intends to publicise case studies highlighting the successes of the beta phase, showcasing the potential of this innovative engagement strategy. To disseminate information about the product, ShareChat plans to leverage platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Interested advertisers will find comprehensive details on the dedicated landing page,

ShareChat owners start WhatsApp Branded Shares

ShareChat’s WhatsApp Branded Shares stands out as a pioneering effort, converging the power of content sharing and brand engagement. As brands embrace this transformative approach, users seamlessly become messengers of brands, bridging the gap between creators and consumers in a way that is both organic and impactful.