YouTube is a diary of culture and trends, and aesthetics is just one of them. Aesthetic in simple words refers to beauty and art preferences, which pleases you. This category is often explored by Gen Z, and with their creative thirst, they are always up to something unique.

On August 19, 2021, YouTube Official Blog shared “The rise of aesthetics”, in which they admitted that after cottagecore aesthetic caught people’s attention YouTube’s “Culture & Trends team decided to crunch the numbers and explore the data.” Further, YouTube Official Blog stated, “Cottagecore is just one of many aesthetics that since 2015 have racked up more than 1 billion cumulative views on YouTube.”

Taylor Swift’s ‘Cardigan’ is one epic example of cottagecore which includes elements of folklore like homespun-looking clothing, candles, and earthy tones. Check it out here:

In the world of aesthetics, apart from cottagecore, there are royaltycore, dark academia, bardcore, Y2K, dreamcore, and weirdcore. These are the popular identity types that are flourishing on YouTube. As per YouTube Official Blog, “Each aesthetic has its own style of music, fashion, design and a core identity, with creators sharing playlists and guides for each one.”

Here’s an example of dark academia by Mariel which includes gothic vibes:

YouTube Official Blog shared 5 things about aesthetics on YouTube that you need to know:

  1. “Cottagecore is part of a wider rise in aesthetics that took off during the pandemic, when many people embraced an ‘offline’ world.
  2. Aesthetic guides and quizzes dominate in popularity. Creators detail how to bring all the elements of an aesthetic together in different parts of your life – music you listen to, decoration of your room, daily activities, beauty routines, outfits and more.
  3. Today’s aesthetics are a re-interpretation of older teenage stereotypes; such as preps, jocks, goths and emos; but in a more niche way.
  4. Aesthetics are being adopted in all facets of someone’s identity — from their fashion and username selections, to book lists and mods they use on Animal Crossing.
  5. Unlike other manifestations of Internet culture, the world of aesthetics skews heavily female.”

Check out Y2K aesthetic shared by Maya Zaya:

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