Another month has passed, and this year will be over in just two more months! This year has seen the release of numerous new films and web series on OTTs, and the remainder of the year will see the release of even more. But now that the weekend is here, unwind and gorge on anything that was available while you were working the week off.

The bastard son and the devil himself

The son of a famed witch who committed a horrific massacre struggles to understand his position in the world and his abilities while caught between two feuding clans.

This series released its first episode on 28th October on Netflix.

Murder In A Courtroom: Indian Predator

The new season of Indian Predator, a real crime series on Netflix, starts with a song and continues like a ballad performed by the oppressed. In Murder in a Courtroom, the Nagpur district court’s August 13, 2004, lynching of career criminal Akku Yadav is revisited. At the time, reports said that Yadav, who was shackled to another prisoner, had a police escort, and was travelling to court, had been viciously attacked by a mob of about 50 individuals, the majority of whom were Dalit women.

This new season is now streaming on Netflix.


Flames started off on YouTube and immediately gained a sizable fan base. Since its launch in 2018, two seasons of the TVF Original Series have been made accessible. Similar to a typical coming-of-season show, the plot follows the lives of students enrolled in a coaching institute as they deal with identity and love crises and struggle to balance many aspects of their lives. In season 3, we watch how the main cast handles their most difficult test to date, the class 12th board.

The show is now live on Prime Video!

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Run Sweetheart Run

A poster promoting a woman on a pole is missing as the movie starts. Someone wrote in red Sharpie that folks should phone The First Lady for further information. The action shifts to the HR department of a legal business where the main character, Cherie, is discussing an offensive remark made by a coworker with HR. Cherie decides to give HR’s agent some time to consider her concerns before returning to work after hearing repeated platitudes from HR about moving cautiously.

This interesting suspensive movie is on Prime Video.


There is something for Malayalam movie lovers too. Njoonju a rubber tapper lives with his father, mother, wife and his son in a small village. Ittychan, his father, a cruel womanizer harasses, abuses and tortures his wife, Kuttyamma and Njoonju despite being bedridden. All his family members await his death.

This movie is now live on Sony Liv.

What else can you do on the weekend except what you already do? Enjoy this collection of movies and series while you unwind.