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We are back with another edition of “What New Is Instagram Working On?” Previously we talked about Instagram working on Lists, Account Health and Reels Clips Editor. You can check out more details on these by clicking here. As Instagram continues to work on new features. Let’s have a look at some features and themes that Instagram is currently working on and as time progresses we might as well see them in the app soon.

Get Quote

Instagram is working on a new sticker, Get Quote. The sticker will be available in the default sticker tab on Instagram right where all the gifs and other emojis are. As per early assumptions, the sticker will be linked to products for sale to make a user request the quote of a product. The sticker will be like an expansion of Instagram Shopping making it easier for users to check products out and receive their quotes. Popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi on his twitter shared images of what the feature might look like.

Reels Shared in Direct

Instagram is working to show how many times a reel has been shared in direct. The option will allow users to see how many times their content has been shared and thus provide a more deeper insight into their content engagement. The image below gives a glimpse of what users might see.

Redesigned Reels and Posts Insights 

Instagram is working on a redesigned insights tab meant for posts and Reels. From the images shared in the tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi it can be seen that the insights tab is more detailed with different headings followed by their breakdowns determining how engaging the post has been. 

However exciting these new features may seem. All of them are WIPs (work in progress) and so far there has been no official confirmation from Instagram regarding their official roll out. 

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