Xiaomi Reveals Their First Electronic Car, SU7

Xiaomi introduces the SU7, an electric marvel that blends speed and cutting-edge tech, showcasing Xiaomi's venture into the electric vehicle industry.

The First Ever!

Xiaomi is entering the automobile world with the SU7 EV car in 2024, promising speed, tech excellence, and a substantial $10 billion investment.

Machine's Performance

Xiaomi's SU7 accelerates from 0-100kmph in 2.78 seconds, rivaling high-end competitors.

HyperOS Integration

The car runs on HyperOS, ensuring seamless connectivity with Xiaomi phones and gadgets, enhancing user experience.

The car features a distinctive design, with aggressive headlights drawing inspiration from McLaren supercars, while the interior exhibits a modern yet minimalist look.

Sleek Design

Customers have a choice between CATL and lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing range and cost flexibility.


Intense Acceleration

With two variants, including a dual-motor AWD model, the SU7 showcases impressive power, reaching speeds of 265kph.


The machine features highway driving assistance, self-driving capabilities, and advanced sensors for safety and convenience.

Pricing & Availability

The price has not been announced, but Xiaomi plans to be competitive. The SU7 will be available in China in February 2024.

Future Anticipations

Made by BAIC, this is the initial model, with an electric SUV expected in 2025. Xiaomi aims to invest $10 billion in automobile sector.

Market Challenges

Xiaomi faces competition in the EV market from established players like BYD and Tesla amid overcapacity and slowing demand.

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