2023 Known To Be A Challenging Year For Apple: Here's Why

Apple is alleged to have a tough year in 2023, dealing with a lot of challenges like changes in the tech industry, supply chain problems, and strategic issues.

Recent Outlaw

Apple faced a significant setback with a temporary ban on its latest watches due to a patent dispute.

Fatal Year In China

This year has been fatal for China, losing market share to local competitors, like Huawei, and facing regulatory challenges.

Increased tensions impacted brand's relation with China, leading to expanded bans on iPhones.

US-China Tension Impact

Sales declined for the fourth straight quarter, the longest slowdown since 2001, due to slow Mac demand and a volatile smartphone market.

Longest Revenue Slowdown In 20 Years

No New iPad Launch

For the first time in over a decade, Apple did not release a new iPad model, contributing to a decline in iPad sales and revenue.

Downshifting Revenue

In the recent quarter, iPad's revenue dropped, reaching $6.4 billion, indicating a concerning trend in sales that could have been addressed with new models.

Zero Innovative Updates

Experts criticised Apple for not releasing new iPad models or innovative accessories, impacting the overall market presence.

Regulatory Changes

Brand is offering its rivals access to tap-and-go mobile payment technology in order to resolve EU antitrust charges.

Diversifying Suppliers

Apple is expanding manufacturing in India to reduce its vulnerability in response to challenges faced in China.

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