What is "All Eyes On Rafah" all about?

An image portraying "All Eyes on Rafah" has been all over internet lately. But what is it? Let's understand its impact & why it's gaining worldwide attention.

Social Media Blaze

"All Eyes on Rafah" trend flooded social media on Tuesday, showing worldwide support for Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza amid ongoing war.

Israeli Barbarism

Israeli bombing & air attacks on Gaza caused the deaths of at least 45 individuals & 100 wounded, most of whom were in tents in Rafah.

After the attck, Israel called the loss of life "a tragic accident" and claimed only two Hamas militants were targeted & killed.

The Audacity!

Universal Alliance

The attack triggered widespread condemnation, with people taking to social media to protest against Israel's actions.

What Does The Phrase Mean?

"All Eyes on Rafah" refers to the struggle of 1.4 million Palestinians who are looking for refuge in Rafah during Israeli attacks.

Origin of Slogan

The phrase likely came from Rick Peeperkorn, WHO's representative, who was emphasising the serious situation in Rafah.

Celebrity Support

Influencers & celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Dulqeer Salman, and more posted "All Eyes on Rafah" graphics on their Instagram to raise awareness.

Positive Side

Till now, approximately 38 million shares have been circulated all over social media to make people globally aware of what's going on in Rafah, Gaza, & Palestine and urge them to support them.

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