Amazon Prime Video watchlist for June 2024 is here

Amazon Prime Video has announced its line-up for June 2024, and you know what? The most-awaited satirical superhero series, The Boys Season 4, is on the list!!

The Boys Season 4 (June 13)

Get ready for more wild action and dark humour between Supes & humans as The Boys return for another thrilling season!

Federer: Twelve Final Days (June 20)

A documentary that follows the renowned tennis player Roger Federer during the last 12 days of his successful professional tennis career.

Starring Anne Hathaway, this story is about two best friends that are caught in a web of secrets & lies in this gripping thriller that will keep you hooked.

Mothers’ Instinct (June 7)

Dumb Money (June 10)

Explore the crazy world of Wall Street in this riveting tale of money, power, and unexpected twists.

Anyone But You (June 21)

A hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy where two unlikely lovers find their way to each other.

Freelance (June 28)

Starring WWE Champ, John Cena, this movie follows a former special forces operative on a high-stakes mission packed with extreme action & excitement.

Challengers (on rent)

Watch this gripping drama thriller starring Zendaya that explores ambition & rivalry in the sports world, filled with compelling chemistry.

The Fall Guy (on rent)

An action-comedy starring Ryan Gosling is packed with daring stunts and laughs. Rent it for non-stop entertainment!

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