Who Is Harsha Sai? MrBeast Of India

Harsha Sai is an Indian YouTuber & social media personality with 10 million subscribers on YouTube & 9.8M followers on Instagram.

Back In The Days

He was born on November 13, 1995, in Telangana, Hyderabad and holds a degree in Computer Science from GITAM University.

Beginning Stage

He began creating content on YouTube in August 2018 by posting his first video titled "I made the world's first coffee swimming pool."

He runs  two YouTube channels, "Harsha Sai - For You Telugu" & "Harsha Sai - For You Hindi," with substantial subscribers on each of them.

Double Trouble

Theme Of His Content

He makes videos showcasing acts of kindness towards individuals in need, often supporting economically disadvantaged people.

Desi MrBeast

Being a well-known YouTuber & social media personality, he is famous for his charitable actions, similar to MrBeast in the United States.

Big Screen Debut!

He was featured in a Telugu film called "Paagal" and also directed his first movie, "Mega," which was also written by him.


He has collaborated with several brands, including Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm.


He has won the Best Social Media Influencer Award in 2022 at the South Creators Award show.

Hilarious Fact

He once paid around INR 50,000 for a haircut to help a barber.

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