Who Is Gagan Chaudhary? A Gaadi ka Expert

Gagan Choudhary, also known as GaadiFy, is an automotive reviewer with 1.66M subscribers on his YouTuber channel


He was born on June 12, 1990, in New Delhi, India

When Did He Start YouTube?

He started YouTube in 2011 & uploaded his first video where he was testing wifi speeds, marking the smooth beginning of his content creator journey.

He primarily focuses on developing content that is related to the aviation and automobile sectors.

Primary Content

Beyond Automation

Other than automation, he also documented or vlogs about his travel adventures & thrilling roadtrips globally.

Trend Game!

Not just long-form videos, he also shares content through diverse other sources, such as YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.


He has collaborated with over 50 brands, such as Mercedes-Benz India, as shown in his tweet about a paid partnership with them.

Stuck In Controversies

He has also been involved in controversies, such as a dispute with Mahindra over a video highlighting faults in their vehicles.

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