Orry x Chef Brar for Philips Limited Edition AirFryer

One more unimaginable collaboration between Orry & Chef Ranveer Brar came out a few days before & has been a hot topic for a while now.


Philips launches limited-edition Signature Series Airfryer with Smart Sensing Technology in India.

Unimaginable Collab

Philips pulled an unimaginable collaboration with the social media sensation Orry & chef Ranveer Brar for a dynamic cooking session.

In this ad., Orry tries to cook with the airfryer under Chef Brar's guidance, showcasing its potential abilities.

MasterChef Who?

Acessible To All!

The campaign prominently highlights Airfryer's engagement with the audience - making cooking accessible for every individual.

Infotainment It Is!

The campaign is crafted as a entertaining video with Orry and Chef Brar engaging in fun banter, simplifying cooking process in few steps.

Key Feature

The Philips Limited Edition Airfryer's automatic adjustments ensure delicious results for chefs and kitchen newbies alike.

Other Features

The airfryer also emphasises on the impressive tech stack including Smart Sensing, Rapid Air, and Fat Removal Technology.

Essential Goal

Overall, the campaign reflects Philips' commitment to advancing the Airfryer revolution in the country, enhancing kitchen experiences for all.

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