Union Govt. blocks 18 OTT apps, but why?

The Union Government blocks access to 18 OTT apps, raising questions about content regulation & potential violations of digital rights.

Vulgarity Crackdown

On March 12, 2024, the Indian government took action to block 18 OTT (Over-the-top) platforms for publishing obscene, vulgar, and in some instances, pornographic content.

How Many Platforms Were Banned?

A total of 18 OTT platforms were blocked alongside their associated websites, apps, and social media accounts.

The government collaborated with various intermediaries to disable public access to the blocked platforms.

Helping Hands🤝

The Main Goal

Blocking these apps can limit public access to explicit & potentially harmful content, mainly protecting children from it.

Safeguarding Cultural Values

The move is also anticipated as upholding traditional Indian values & ongoing debate about censorship & freedom of expression in India.

Adhering To Laws

The action highlights the need for OTT platforms to adhere to India's Information Technology Act 2000 & follow legal content guidelines.

Name Of The Apps

While the list of the blocked platforms is really long, some of them includes Dreams Films, Voovi, Tri Flicks, X Prime, Prime Play, Neon X VIP, and more.

Essential Takeaway

The government emphasises that OTT platforms should take the responsibility to regulate themselves & prevent spreading offensive content.

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