Trevor Noah Cancels Show Due To Bengaluru Traffic (LOL)

The craziest thing we heard today: Trevor Noah's 'Off The Record' India tour faced chaos in Bengaluru due to traffic, leading to public outrage. Here's what happened ->

Tour Started In Delhi

Trevor Noah's 'Off The Record' tour in India began successfully in Delhi on September 23.

Bengaluru traffic ruins it

The Bengaluru show faced significant issues due to traffic on the Outer Ring Road (ORR). really ruined it.

Frustrated residents started selling their show tickets to anyone who could reach the venue within 20 minutes.

Social Media Ruckus

Netizens expressed their distress and disappointment on social media, blaming the traffic and event management.

The Problems Continue

Trevor Noah had to cancel both of his Bengaluru shows due to technical issues, including bad acoustics & venue problems.

...And Continue!

Attendees at the venue complained of poor conditions, including cramped seating, lack of air conditioning & difficulty hearing the performers.

Trevor's Announcement

The cancellation announcement was made on social media by Trevor Noah, and he assured ticket refunds.

Second Culprit:  Bad Management

Bengaluru residents and fans expressed anger and disappointment on social media, criticizing the event's management.

Tickets Due For Refund

BookMyShow apologized, confirmed Bengaluru show cancellations, and pledged full ticket refunds.

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