Your Style Guide To Dress Like MermaidScales

Her fashion can be best described as cyber-kawaii fashion, a futuristic fusion of digital aesthetics & adorable charm, creating a style that's as cute as it is edgy.

Chunky Jewelry

Oversized chunky jewelry makes a bold and fashion-forward statement, instantly elevating any outfit, even a tank top.

Leather Coats

Oversized leather jackets exude a rugged and effortlessly cool vibe, perfect for adding edge to your everyday style.

Cropped Sweaters

Cropped hoodies are the ultimate blend of comfort and style, showcasing a trendy, midriff-baring look. Her skirt is also so cute!

Lace Corsets

They're like vintage glam meets modern vibes, serving up major elegance at events that needs you to give lady boss energy.

School Girl Aesthetic

It's like mixing preppy charm with a little bit of rebellious attitude, creating a look that's both classic and unique.

Denim Crop Tops

These tops nail that casual-cool vibe mixed with '90s nostalgia, bringing an effortlessly stylish side to your outfit game.

Or All Denim Everything!

It's the ultimate denim dedication, serving up that denim-on-denim swagger that's equal parts iconic and modern.

The Barbie Pink

The holy color of 2023! It's like the color embodiment of unapologetic, eye-catching fun, adding strong female energy to your look.

Arm Warmers

These cropped jackets are worth the rage. They're the statement piece you need to turn a boring crop-top jeans into something cute!

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