Top crime thrillers to watch on Netflix

Grab a tub of popcorn before binging these movies as their nail-biting thrillers won't let you leave your seat for a minute!


This is a 2022 action thriller film about an Army Captain using her skills to stop an attack on a missile interceptor station.

Fair Play

A gripping drama unfolds as a young athlete faces obstacles and moral dilemmas in the cutthroat realm of professional sports.

This is a tense horror-thriller that depicts a 911 operator's harrowing night, racing against time to save a kidnapped teenager from a serial killer.

The Call

Bird Box

A post-apocalyptic horror film that follows a mother & her children as they navigate a world plagued by mysterious creatures.

Hold The Dark

One of the best action thrillers, this movie explores the unsettling mysteries of the Alaskan wilderness and delves into themes of violence & survival.

The Weekend Away

This is a suspenseful thriller that follows a woman's vacation gone wrong shenanigan, as she gets invloved in a web of secrets & danger.

The Outfit

A stylish crime drama that occurs in the world of organised crime, where a tailor entangles in a conflict between rival gangs.

A Wednesday

This is a 2008 Indian action-thriller film in which a mysterious man plants bombs across Mumbai, demanding the release of him terrorist mates.

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