Raj Kundra Unmasking Himself Through UT 69?

UT 69 a film based on his true story and behind the curtain revelations on his alleged charges & masked public appearance. 

Who Is Raj Kundra?

Known to be Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's husband & a "Indian-British Businessman" was jailed over a pornographic case.

Legal Actions

For distributing explicit videos, he was arrested by Mumbai Police under Indian Penal Code, later granted bail in September under multiple legal provisions.

Why The Masks?

He reveals being hurt by the Media Trials and states, "Media is not above the law!" under #AskRaj session on Twitter.

Raj Sure Knows Fashion!

In all black and his latest distinctive iron mask, his recent video has circulated widely online, revealing his smiling face.

Notion Of Emotions

Fighting back tears, he discussed the painful family repercussions of last year's controversy, urging scrutiny on him, not his loved ones.

His Words

"The film depicts my 63 days in jail, from entering that red gate to leaving. Shilpa and I believed in our innocence; the matter is sub judice, and we have faith in the judiciary."

UT 69 A Satirical Comedy

Raj finds a British man in Indian jails "funny", given the watered down dal & the living conditions, wondering how he reached such a position.

Glimpses Of UT 69

Raj believes the movie exposes human rights issues within jails, shedding light on the reality of life behind bars and the genuine stories of people residing there.

We're Looking Forward?

Apart from starring, Raj Kundra has penned the film, and director Shahnawaz Ali is at the helm. UT69 hits theaters on November 3.

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