What is Ozempic: The Trending Weight-Loss Drug All Over Social Media

This Diabetes drug is harnessing the power of medicine to curb appetite & assist in shedding pounds, sparking a shortage in USA & multiple celebrity endorsements.

What is it?

Ozempic, a diabetes management drug that contains semaglutide, is at the forefront of a growing trend in weight management in USA.

How does it work?

They function by mimicking natural hormones in the body, which regulate appetite & glucose levels, ultimately promoting weight loss.

Celebrities already love it?

Celebrities like Elon Musk & Amy Schumer have recently spoken about using these treatments, shedding light on their appeal.

Is it available in India?

In India, discussions about the drug & its miraculous weight loss effects remain within exclusive circles, away from public.

What is its cost?

These drugs come with high costs in India. For example, Ozempic costs INR 20,000 per injection & its required weekly for weight loss.

Is it safe?

There are potential health risks & dangers associated with these medications, requiring caution. Also, it is, in reality, for Diabetes patients.

Alternatives in India?

In India, there are over-the-counter options like PhenQ and Zotrim, which are not doctor-prescribed. Do speak to a doctor before trying.

Not a forever solution

It's important to note that weight often returns once patients discontinue the use, prompting a need for continued management.

Our verdict: Be smarter

YouTube videos showcasing the before & after results of the drug may influence you, but remember, nothing replaces good diet & exercise.

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