How This Influencer Achieved His Dream To Meet SRK

Hear the remarkable story of Aakash Pillay, an influencer whose unwavering dedication led to his dream encounter with Shah Rukh Khan, India's beloved superstar.

His 33-Day Wait

Aakash Pillay's relentless pursuit to meet his idol, Shah Rukh Khan, unfolded over 33 days.

Shared With His Followers

Pillay chronicles his journey on Instagram, sharing each step of his quest to meet SRK with his followers.

How To Get SRK's Attention

Pillay tried innovative methods like attending events, tweeting persistently, and booking an entire theater to capture SRK's attention.

Caught Pooja's Attention

Pooja Dadlani, SRK's manager, stepped in and arranged a brief meeting between Pillay and the superstar.

His Om Shanti Om Moment

Pillay shares a touching post with SRK, quoting a memorable dialogue from "Om Shanti Om."

A Win For His Followers

Followers reacted emotionally, expressing their admiration and congratulating Pillay.

An Upcoming Vlog

Pillay hinted at an upcoming video where he will reveal meeting details in depth. We are excited to see this video!

Inspired By A YouTuber

Pillay acknowledged his inspiration, YouTuber Fidias Panayiotou, who pursued meeting Elon Musk with similar dedication.

Fidias Meets Elon Musk

A glimpse into Fidias Panayiotou's successful journey to meet Elon Musk after months of effort, for context.

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