6.4-Magnitude Nepal Earthquake - Affects North India

On Friday night the strong earthquake rattled Delhi-NCR. However causing 37 people's death after a 6.4- magnitude earthquake jolted Nepal.

Lasting Effects

The tremors were also felt in North India, including Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, & Bihar, although no serious damage reported.

Nepal, 10 km deep. Delhi-NCR residents felt strong tremors. This is reportedly third strong quake in Nepal this month."

Quake Epicenter

Evidence Collection

An official in Jajarkot district declared this 'a big earthquake'. Stating Police & army have been mobilized for investigation.

Internet Sources

Social media users also reported feeling the quake in the northern cities of Lucknow, causing a ruckus due to tremors.

The NCS said that the earthquake occurred at 11:32 p.m. forcing people to rush out of their homes just as they were preparing for the weekend.

A Wave Of Shock

Earlier Signs

Earlier on 15 October, both Delhi and NCR felt strong tremors, after similar jolts were felt on 3 October.

Patna Reactions

"I was lying on bed & it started shaking when I noticed even the ceiling fan was moving so I came out of my home," - Resident of Patna.

Noida Reactions

"While watching TV, felt dizzy all of a sudden, saw news on TV about the earthquake, I rushed out of my home" Tushar, a resident of Noida, told the news agency ANI.

This is an ongoing story with many details yet to be revealed from official sources, & efforts are underway to gather evidence.

Under Investigation

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