Meet 8 Singles On Temptation Island India 2023

Know all about the show & the 8 hot singles featured at the temptation island out of whom you might already recognize a few. It's going to get steamy.

What's It About?

"Temptation Island" is a reality show where couples are tempted by attractive singles in a tropical setting, testing their relationships.

Jad Hadid, from Bigg Boss OTT 2, joins Temptation Island India, offering a complete package with looks, fitness, & charisma.

Jad Hadid

Nikhil Mehta 

Nikhil, aka Aerreo, left banking for a DJ career, values lasting connections, & aims to build a future with his partner.

Samadh Choudhary

Multitalented, & with a love for independent, ambitious women. He blends intellect & emotion. Here to tempt with heart & emotions.

Carefree Bombay boy seeks a partner who embraces his way of life & enjoys life's journey without pressure.

Zen Sajnani

Faiz Baloch

Faiz Baloch, Team 07 influencer, embraces his desi vibe, known for his moves. Formerly with influencer Shifa for 4 years. The real deal.

Satyam Tyagi

Delhi lawyer aiming to be an actor, values deep & lasting emotional connections. He's here to tempt with his 'Law of Love.'

Aryan Arora

TV actor known for Choti Sarrdaarni & more. Values women, chivalry, & 'LOVE ALL.' Signature dimples & endearing personality.

Popular YouTuber known as Jimmy with humor & a heart full of affection. Ready to charm with quick wit.

Vaibhav Gandhi

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