Review: Main Atal Hoon

'Main Atal Hoon' shows Atal Bihari Vajpayee's vibrant yet calm personality. Based on Sarang Darshane’s biography, it reveals the friendly defence of right-wing politics in India.

Who Is The Lead Actor & Director

Directed by National Award-winner Ravi Jadhav, Main Atal Hoon features the  finest actor, Pankaj Tripathi.

Movie's Plot

 The film traces Vajpayee's journey, from poetry to law, editorship, freedom fighter, to politician, avoiding political biases.

Storyline Is Perfect, But..

While the film offers a detailed build-up, the second half feels rushed, impacting the overall storytelling.

Co-written by Jadhav and Rishi Virmani, the script is slow, lacks impact, and is not very interesting, with some parts that are not well done.

Writing Is Off?!

The film serves as a historical summary, discussing important events but taking on a documentary style rather than eliciting emotions.

Recap Of Moments, But No Emotions

Aced It!

Despite flaws, Pankaj's stellar portrayal of Atal keeps the audience engaged, capturing his emotions and nuances effectively.

Piyush Mishra does a great job as Atal's father, showing heartwarming father-son moments, while Raja Rameshkumar Sevak and Gauri Sukhtankar give strong support.

Supporting Actors

Visual Appeal

Silhouette shots and black-and-white archival footage make the narrative more authentic and visually rich.

Honest Review

This movie tries to humbly showcase Atal's journey and tell his story, but Pankaj's outstanding performance steals the show, as the storytelling remains flat.

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