Complete List Of Countries Where UPI Is Accepted

A complete list of countries that have adapted UPI payments, making it convenient & accessible for users to make seamless transactions overseas.

What Is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface and is an instant real-time payment system that facilitates inter-bank transactions through mobile phones.


Bhutan is the first country to accept UPI in 2020, letting users make in-store & online payments using their Indian bank accounts linked to UPI apps.


Similar to Bhutan, Nepal acknowledged UPI in 2020 for seamless money transfer.


It has been available here since 2021. Indian travellers can use UPI apps at select merchants for convenient payments.

United Arab Emirates

In 2023, PhonePe partnered with UPI to allow users to make cross-border payments from India to the UAE.

UPI payments were introduced in February 2024 and are currently accepted at specific merchants, mainly around the Eiffel Tower, using QR codes.


Launched in January 2024, UPI usage here is currently limited to specific merchants but is expected to expand over a period of time.

Sri Lanka


At the start of 2024, Mauritius adapted & accepted this process, where users can make both in-person and online payments across the island nation.

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