Biggest Crossover Of 2024: Ranveer Singh x Johnny Sins

Versatile actor Ranveer Singh collaborated with adult star Johnny Sins to promote sexual wellness brand Bold Care. A collab that blew everyone's mind.

Advertisement Game On Point

Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins collaborated in an advertisement promoting men's sexual health, portraying brothers in a parody.

Humorous Creativity

The advertisement is a creative approach, including humour & parody elements, inspired by Indian "saas-bahu" daily soap.

Which Brand Is It?

Bold Care is a sexual health & wellness brand focusing on Indian men's confidence and well-being.

What Does The Brand Offer?

 It provides solutions for sexual health concerns like premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction.

The collaboration created an extreme buzz online, surprising fans & sparking reactions like "WTH is going on!" across social media platforms.

Been A Hot Topic

Despite the out-of-the-box pairing, the collaboration attracted attention to men's sexual health awareness, leveraging the popularity of both figures.

Gaining Attraction

Savage Marketing Moves

The ad represents a daring step in marketing, pushing boundaries and mixed reactions from audiences.

Reaction Of Netizens

There's a spectrum of opinions, with some finding it hilarious & amusing while others express disbelief or disapproval towards the TV industry.

Why Was Ranveer A Part Of It?

He partnered with the brand in December 2023, contibuting to the mission of providing men's intimate health issues.

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