Need an AI Coding Assistant?  Try GitHub's Copilot Chat!

GitHub has launched Copilot Chat, an AI coding assistant, which is now available to all. Explore its features and challenges in this overview.

What Is Copilot Chat?

Copilot Chat is like a smart helper for programmers on GitHub, giving advice and suggestions to make coding easier.

Who Is It For?

It is for developers who want real-time guidance and coding assistance using natural language within Visual Studio Code.

How Does It Work?

The chatbot uses OpenAI's GPT-4, tuned for development scenarios, offering real-time guidance on code-related tasks in natural language.

How Can You Access It?

Copilot Chat is accessible in Microsoft's IDEs, and Visual Studio, included in GitHub Copilot paid tiers.

GPT-4 is said to be better than the previous version at identifying and filtering out false information.

ChatGPT's Advantage

GitHub does not have a new mechanism for codebase owners to opt out of training data, but suggests private repositories as an alternative.

AI's Training Data

Security Concerns

A Stanford study indicates that using AI for coding may create less secure code with bugs. emphasising the need for human feedback.

How Much Does It Cost?

GitHub's AI coding assistant, Copilot, has subscription fees of INR 833 per month.

Faces Business Issues

Copilot loses $20 per user on average. GitHub aims to make it profitable amid strong competition from Amazon.

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