Your Fav K-Dramas Coming Back With Season 2

Discover returning favorites in multi-season K-Dramas for the year ahead. Drama fans, stay tuned!

It's Official

Exciting multi-season K-Dramas are becoming a delightful trend, & we've got a peek into what's coming next year!

Sweet Home 2 - Netflix

Get ready for more spine-tingling chills with 'Sweet Home' S2, returning on December 1. The countdown has begun!

Signal 2 - Paramount Plus

Great news for K-Drama fans! 'Signal' S2 is officially happening. Get ready for more time-traveling suspense and mystery.

Prepare for 'Squid Game' Season 2 – the suspense continues! Release date? Still a secret. Stay on the edge of your seats!

Squid Game 2 - Netflix

'Weak Hero Class 1' showed a student standing up to bullies. It's like a one-man hero show! Season 2 confirmed for epic showdowns!

Weak Hero Class 2 - Prime Video

Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2 - Netflix

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' S2 confirmed, but production starts next year. Get ready for more quirky courtroom drama!

All Of Us Are Dead - Netflix

'All Of Us Are Dead' Season 2 confirmed. The undead adventure continues! Get ready to run, scream, & binge-watch

Hellbound - Netflix

'Hellbound' Season 2 in production. Hellish excitement continues! We could be diving into the depths of darkness once more in 2024.

All these K-Dramas are onto something exciting & adventurous. Get ready to mark your calendars for 2024, because the drama's not over yet!

Are You Ready?

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