Attack on Titan: Epic Anime Journey Ends After 10 Years

Are you ready for one last ride on an emotional rollercoaster? The renowned series will end its spectacular run with a final episode.

It's Official

"Attack on Titan anime finale premieres on Nov. 4, with Crunchyroll streaming for global viewers."

Story Line

AOT premiered in 2013 & becoming the most popular modern anime, with its brutal story of a world where titans' terror sealed off the humankind inside massive walled-off cities.

What We Know

From Eren's titan journey to suspense on character fates after one hour long First Special of AoT's Final Chapters in March, left fans eager.

The Final Chapters officially puts Eren's arc to bed & ends what's been a terrifying, dark & painful journey for all the characters in this story

What To Expect

Special release followed by a global livestream celebration from Nov. 5-8, featuring the cast & events, invites fans to attend.

Worldwide Enthuse

Time To Catch-Up

Hulu & Crunchyroll offer the entire series for binge-watching before the grand finale, incase you are yet to embark on or need a recap.

How Will The Fate Unfold?

World awaits Eren's ultimate power as Eldia's fate hangs in the balance. Can former allies & foes unite to stop his cataclysmic mission?

Time Will Tell!

All the answers lies in the climactic showdown, promising an epic anime history conclusion.

Series finale streams on Crunchyroll for premium subscribers on Nov. 4 at 5:00 p.m. PT (8:00 p.m. ET) in multiple regions.

Are You Ready?

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