Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2024 Winners 

Celebrating excellence in digital storytelling. Let's take a look at the winners of the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2024 who showcased their creativity & influence in various content genres.

Nitibha Kaul (@nitibhakaul)

Reigning as Fashion Influencer of the Year (Female), she sets trends with style and charisma.

Manav Chhabra (@mr.mnv)

Earning the title of Fashion Influencer of the Year (Male) with flair, as he exhibits a dapper and trendsetting looks.

Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

Aashna Shroff shines as Luxury Fashion Influencer of the Year, embodying opulent grace and setting trends in the fashion realm.

Winning Lifestyle Influencer of the Year, she inspires her followers with relatable content, earning her well-deserved recognition.

Radhika Seth (@radhikasethh)

 Empowering the community, he was recognised as the LGBTQIA+ Voice of the Year for promoting inclusivity and acceptance.

Anish Bhagat (@anishbhagatt)

Apoorva (@the.rebel.kid)

She's the standout female comic, earning Comic of the Year (Female) with her witty humour and comic dialect.

 Mastering the art of laughter, he secures the title of Comic Influencer of the Year (Male) with his comedic genius.

Yuvraj Dua (@yuvraj.dua)

Vandita Vanessa Thomas (@vandita.momandmore) 

Gracefully balancing motherhood, she was recognised as Mom Influencer of the Year for her inspiring parenting journey.

Mukta Singh (@mukta.singh) 

She wins the Ageless Influencer of the Year  award for her timeless charm and wisdom, earning well-deserved acclaim.

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