Top 10 Countries Indians Can Visit Without Visa

Travelling to new places abroad was hectic earlier with all the documentation and visa processes. But now it has become easier for Indians! Check out 10 countries where no visa is required.

1. Bhutan

Visit this stunning Himalayan landscape, and rich Buddhist culture awaits you in this peaceful kingdom.

2. Macao

This is a sparkling city which offers casinos, Portuguese charm, and delicious local food.

3. Mauritius

A tropical paradise boasting pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and diverse wildlife, offering a laid-back and picturesque holiday location.

4. Barbados

This is a Caribbean island known for its liquor and reggae music, which provide chilling and laid-back vibes.

5. Qatar

Want to seek a luxurious experience? Your search is over! This place is a modern desert country with beautiful architecture and a rich, extravagant shopping scene.

6. Nepal

Known as the home of the Himalayas, it offers breathtaking treks, ancient temples, and spiritual experiences for those who desire to seek peace and calmness.

An archipelago with diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches for a relaxing experience with your family or friends.

7. Indonesia

8. Thailand 

One of the most desirable destinations for people, this place is famous for temples, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife that you can enjoy with your friends.

This is an island nation with ancient ruins, lush tea plantations, and beautiful beaches for a laid-back experience other than Goa.

9. Sri lanka

This is a mix of cultures, bustling cities, lush rain-forests, and tasty food that awaits you to experience its charm.

10. Malaysia

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