Businesses owned by Dwayne the Rock Johnson!

Let's take a look at the array of businesses owned by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. From apparel brands to tequila brands, here's a list showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Seven Bucks Productions

This is a multi-platform production company co-founded by him & Dany Garcia, focusing on creating original content for television and film.


This fitness & entertainment event offers competitions, panels, live performances, exclusive premieres, and nutritional insights for passionate individuals.

Project Rock, an apparel line by Under Armour, offers a variety of training gear endorsed by Johnson, such as shoes, shorts, t-shirts, and tanks.

Project Rock

ZOA Energy

ZOA Energy is a zero-sugar drink packed with electrolytes, essential B-vitamins, and caffeine tailored to support the energy levels of health freaks.

Teremana Tequila

Founded by Johnson, this is a small-batch tequilla crafted in the Jalisco Highlands, Mexico, known for its homage & rich flavours.

Salt & Straw

He onboarded the world's largest small-batch ice cream firm, Salt & Straw in 2021, which releases dream flavours during holidays, primarily for kids.


This is a professional American football league comprising eight teams situated across the United States in mid-sized to major markets.


In 2020, Johnson teamed up with a company committed to protecting the financial health of young people, beginning with the empowering method of micro-investing.

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